Monday, August 13, 2012

Jr. Mondays

Thank you to everyone for making July such a creative month!!!
Some examples of our work are found in earlier entries and I'll post a few more pictures to share our work here shortly.

Week 1:
We are getting to know eachother, exploring drawing, painting  and basics of  printmaking . We will talk about mobiles, Alexander Calder and Graffiti Art.
(This was fun - we added plasticine to our materials by request and made relief pictures and 3-d creatures as well.)
Week 2:
We are making marionettes with papier mache and/or clay, drawing & painting, and assemblage - creating our own puppet show in the afternoon. We will be looking at examples of Giant Puppets from Royal De Luxe in France. 
(This was a fun day. We sculpted and then constructed, played, then repaired(!), then painted, then constructed, then played, and then painted some more – we like to paint.  We will assemble our last bits next week when they are dry.)
Week 3:
We will think about music, air and wind, creating art and some artful instruments that we can look at and try to play.  We will look at Cubist Art works by Georges Braque and Picasso. In the afternoon we are creating kites to fly, using simple collage and other paper arts techniques, and see examples of Children’s Day creations from Japan.

(We had another fun and exciting day of artmaking.  In the morning we enjoyed painting to jazz music as we played musical canvasses.  Some amazing work was created and then disappeared as it was replaced by more work by others. Brushes, dabbing, dotting, swirling, picture making and wiping away were explored. We could  stop when we needed to and when someone decided to do that, all of our final spots for painting were decided. We had fun with constructing our musical collages too, and making our drums, drumsticks and blowers and discovering creative ways to play our instruments. Our afternoon was busy with active games, and our paper crafting as we designed, cut, painted, taped, glued, stapled, decorated and assembled our windsocks. Great work.)
Week 4:
We are creating work from found recycling objects. We will collage and assemble recycled materials to make relief/mosaic patterns in natural or animal form. We are learning how to use the glue gun and plan and layout a design in colour from found materials. We will be looking at the art of Michelle Stitzlein. ***

(We worked with clay(Thank you Ms.N!), shell tiles and stones this morning creating some patterns, faces, waterfalls and small inukshuks as we explored clay and mosaic techniques.  We played 'What time is it Mrs. Wolf', 'Octopus' and 'Night Guard', then went inside to create designs and embellish our masks and/or heavy paper with our drawings, coloured paper bits, jewels and beads. They are lovely. In the afternoon we painted our faces. We then learned about the flat and round sides of things, and which glues(hot, white or stick!) work best for which materials, as we had fun making our recycled relief collages.

*****(We are collecting milk carton lids, frozen concentrate lids, plastic juice and gatorade lids, jam jar and pickle jar lids - and anything circular that is safe to handle and found in the recycle bin.)