Thursday, March 20, 2014

Potion to make a monster...eventual faces in 5 Steps?

We started this session by drawing and painting large eyes (will post pics soon) and making monster faces in 4 steps. I think this helped us to let go, or notice, our own ideas of a 'right' way to get at a representation of a face.
We worked a bit on our painting skills on our Monster faces.
Here is our potion(formula) to make a monster appear:
top of head and forehead
eyebrows and eyes-no nose
nose from under eyes to tip of mouth
mouth and chin below

And then this appeared!?
I would really like to see a large format collage face from all of our pieces and drawings of parts of wholes as a final work from each of us. And I think we are due for a large "puppet" head for our group project.

(pics of actual human features to be posted soon...can't find my camera charger!!)

Barbara Reid

We worked on plasticine portraits--and came up with animal, human & hero portraits in 2-D and a 3-D scene too!
It was a fun way to work our own way through a Barbara Reid project from her site, and use the medium she has mastered as a world-renowned illustrator. 

WE started by drawing in our sketchbooks, and using our sketchbooks to figure out some ideas, and then details, of how a thing looks.
We stayed open to imaginative identification, representing animals and heroes as our idea of 'portrait' (7-8yrs.). E. worked through the challenges of representing an actual visage of features, and laying out the background first, unlike the jr. artists, which then inspired and influenced her colour choices. (12 yrs.) (Top of page. Finished to be posted shortly).
After we realized the project, I think the activity of forming shapes and dimensional detail, in different colours, led us into drawing detail and exploring colour combinations in painting(Painting to be posted shortly. Sketching below:)

IKEA frames (on sale!) are a good finish for plastecine 2-D work as they seal in oily plasticine and the colours compliment the bright clay.