Wednesday, January 14, 2015

PaDay Art day on Jan. 30th and ArtClub AfterSchool is on Winter Break until Feb.4th

Just a note to say that we have a PA Day Art day coming up - Friday, January 30th. Please sign up by Jan. 28th  if you are interested in joining us. Please also note that we need a minimum of 4 artists to run this month's art day.  We will be connecting popular culture and Chinese-Canadian culture by exploring colours, symbols, and different New Year traditions using painting, graphic lettering(think graffiti to invent your own symbol) and some very cool clay sculpture using my new favourite sculpting material: Critter Clay!  If we have time, we will make a short video too!

Thanks for asking!:) ArtClub AfterSchool is on a Winter Break but will start again on Wed.Feb 4 for 5 weeks(running to March 4th). This next session will find artists working with digital cameras and exploring painting.  Hope to see you there!!