Sunday, April 28, 2013

Last Afterschool ArtClub for this school year!!

Our last ArtClub Afterschool session this school year will be
a six-week Drawing Club starting May 15th, 2013.

Please call Sylvie at 905-639-8545 to register - or let me know when you see me!  Registration for a minimum of 6 studios is preferred - but Drop-In is also available($25.) All materials provided and discounts are available for siblings.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Sky Palette and Paper Nests - Spring Artclub Jr. Week 2

We were missing a few of the art crew but worked on our group painting just the same(you two can catch up next week).   We painted SKY using a shared, and Spring specific, palette of colours.  We could talk to each other through our work... 
 or create something independently, but because our theme was the same and our colour choices started out the same, we created a very connected group of paintings with subtle and unique inventions and conversations. Great job!
We also did a craft project: Paper Bag Nests!

We talked briefly about the difference between the terms Art and Craft...and some possible differences between a craft project and an art project. We each made our own nests carefully following the basic directions - and we each had fairly unique results. We decided to fill our nests with things that would make it special - and we chose feathers, pom-poms, paper scraps and other soft materials.
In between our nests and our sky: Next week we will start to work on inhabitants of Spring and paint our "eggs" and stones to see where they might fit in.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Tuesday Channel - Week 1& 2 - stopmotion animation.

 Week 1: We started our animation session with a quick 2-D individual project using a media of our choice, and limiting ourselves to thinking in terms of 4 shots...although some of us did need to do more where it became necessary for our idea.  Great work from everyone! You are all very accomplished at getting your ideas out onto quick storyboards(see below for storyboard templates and more info); and at considering and figuring out the essential animating challenges that come from figuring out how to tell a specific story visually and in motion. We shared thoughts on how there are lots of tricks involved in getting us to believe what we're seeing. Here are some stills:

We got two anims. shot week 1 and managed to shoot the rest of your work last week. We'll use these to quickly review how to use our software: we are using iKitmovie mostly, we'll try MonkeyJam, a bit of powerepoint if you're interested, and look into a few in-camera and iphone effects and apps.
Week 2: We started planning our group animations this week - storyboarding and brainstorming for what we would like to see happen.  We did some great drawings and even started working up our clay for claymation. Remember we can add 3-d elements or create a 3-d animation this time.

Here are two different templates for storyboards to download and print.

Storyboard 1
Storyboard 2

Remember: You're scenes aren't necessarily the # of frames on a page. You can use several pages to work out a story.  Keep in mind simple is better to start. Each page is a sequence. You can break out each main scene - which is really a main action and a single background(more or less)- from your storyboard into a storyboard of shots you'll need, details, tricks you need to create with your characters to fool the eye, and materials/props and actions needed to make your shots work in animation.  We are limiting our animated productions to at least 2 main scenes - with as many shots as we need to build each scene.  
If your character is travelling to different places or gets around a lot, you can think about how to best create multiple backgrounds and also think about how to creatively transition to each.

Here are some of the links for reference from Week 1:
Whiteboard 1
Gulp **"Largest" stop motion
will post a few more shortly.

FYI Links

Here is a link to Tiff kids.

To download a free copy of MonkeyJam,  click here to go their website.

And a reminder:  Click here to learn about and download SCRATCH, FREE programming software for kids from MIT 

Nests from found materials - Spring Artclub Jr. Week 1

We started this Spring Session making nests and bread dough eggs. Nest making broke into a few groups and individual projects and each nest had to pass the shake test.
Very inventive and creative designs. We talked about our larger group nest collaborations and have decided to make them in smaller groups. More on that to come.

Listening, Spirals and Springtime

2012 FreshOrange Studio
This is  a link to some online listening activities from
| The museum of science, art and human perception at the Palace of Fine Arts, 3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

This is a link to a fun online version of the graphical game Kaleidograph