Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Drawing and Folds, Spirals and Numbers

Casual Tuesday studio working out some ideas about spirals, folds, lines, and numbers.

Link to Vi Hart's "Doodling in Math Class" channel. We love Cat Slug...
Vi Hart @YouTube
Next week we can work on Origami "drawings" and look at forms and patterns we see in the nature around us. With and/or without precision (in our own ways!)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shading a Sphere (Tuesday Discussion and Wednesday Fun)

We will continue drawing, and colouring our marbles, bubbles, balloons and balls next studio by trying to create 3-d shaded versions! (Tues. and Wed.) 

Below is an excerpt of a lesson, from,  that shows us a quick way to approach and better understand shading a sphere: please note that in step 3  the darkest shadow is slightly in from the shaded edge. This is due to reflected light and helps to define a sphere's 'edge'. 

Spheres in Space 
Learning how to turn a circle into a sphere can be lots of fun if you use an outer space theme.
1. Die cut presses and heavy mat board were invaluable for making quick circle templates. I created 2" and 3" templates with circles cut out of the middle so .....
(click here to read the whole short lesson)  from the blog:Art

If a sphere is suspended, do you think it would still have a reflective area in it's shadowy zone? If a sphere is actually a 'Gas Giant' and not a solid at all, would it reflect light in the same way?...Next studio we'll look for different zones of shadow and reflection in our different spheres and try to render a sphere using line, shade, colour choices, intuition, creativity, and our erasers.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Tuesday Channel -stop-motion workshop

Our Channel for YouTube is MyFreshorange. We will post all our work to that channel to share. I will burn CD' s of your work to take home as well. Thank you all for working so hard on your animations! They are fun and funny and very well done - Congratulations!