Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thank You! and Flyer

Thank you! to our Artists for very fun and creative ArtClub sessions ~ and Thank you! Parents and Friends for coming to our shows.
(Please see below for AfterSchool and March Break info and please check back soon for updated posts and pictures...!)

Our next AfterSchool Studios start March 26th and 27th.  
Tuesday's ArtClub (gr. 3-6) will work in groups on their own ANIMATION using drawing/painting, modelling and sculpture, digital cameras and the computer.  
An extra day (Tuesday, April 7th), if needed, will be available for final editing/titling and posting to youtube!
3 spots available.
$130. for 6 weeks
3:45 - 5:30
Pick up at Tom Thomson

Wednesday's ArtClub (gr. 1-3) will explore and create using various media both through self-directed efforts and technique-based projects. We are entering Springtime again, so we can use our ideas about the natural world, the weather, change, growth and shelter...(and small creatures, tornadoes and imaginary friends!) to help us explore and create. 
4 spots available.
$135. for 6 weeks
3:45 - 5:30
Pick up at Tom Thomson

Sunday, February 17, 2013

MARCH BREAK 2013 ArtClub Flyer

March 19th: Thank you for a fun 2 days!

Feb. 28 ... Space is filling up - so excited!!  We have 2-3 spots left for Monday(Max.) and 4 spots left for Tuesday. Let me know if you can join us by email at:

Some of you have asked about March Break Camp...

Art is Drama! Two-day studio for all ages:
Monday & Tuesday  March 11-12th.
$90. for both days
$48  per day
$25  half day mornings -  but the whole day will be more fun!
9-4 pm with before and after care($6). 

In the mornings we will make character masks and create character sculptures out of plaster bandage, paint, feathers, ribbon, streamers and whatever else we find! In the afternoons we will create mini-marionettes using clay sculpture, paint, cardboard and string.  There will be time for seriously silly play-acting, drama games and a show as well!  Krystii, our very own dramatic artist, will help lead in all the fun!

Older children will have lots of opportunity to invent, create, write, direct and help stage short performances.
Minimum of 3 children.

Email or call Sylvie(905-639-8545) if interested.
Happy Family Day Weekend!

If people are really interested, we can add Wednesday ~ just let me know!

ArtClub Tuesday - Drawing to realize ideas: Week Four

Today we worked on looking at negative spaces and gesture drawing.

We started with a fun group drawing 'exchange' where 2 of us posed while two of us tried to catch the poses in quick, loopy, gestural sketches - keeping in mind that while the page was quick and sketchy technique building, it was(is) also a composition, so we can take some care and give consideration to this each round in starting the next sketch. After a few rounds we could work into our sheet or start a new sheet. The randomness of the poses, and having so many laid out on the pages made for fun and energetic compositions. After that, most everyone had an urge to create something in a contour format so we tried to create the negative spaces between the branches of our ArtClub tree, or anything in the room that was interesting to us. We looked again at Emily Carr and Henry Moore and talked about the ideas of negative and positive space, and ways of representing space as a volume with mass and contour.

We could then use washes to enhance what we had done - creating some lovely work, and a proto-type for a time-capsule out of found materials.

For the next two weeks we will be creating our own composition, on paper or canvas, using charcoal, crayon, paint and collage that expresses the idea of concave or convex.  We are going to use the ways we know of conveying mass, volume, gesture and contour.  We can consider all the artists works we looked at for 'permission' to try something in our own work. You can work from observation, or from imagination.

ArtClub Tuesday - Drawing to realize ideas: Week Three

We started with a spiral drawing exercise inspired by an exercise from AccessArt UK  and our recurring interest in representing portals. This is an awesome and inspiring resource for teaching artmaking techniques and artful thinking through drawing and making ~ a VERY USEFUL RESOURCE.
We used our spirals as a quick drawing 'icebreaker', working from the centre of the page out to the edge of a shared sheet and back twice more, in black or white pastels. Then, as much or as little as we wanted for 2 minutes, we 'spiraled' with different colours. Our spirals became the ground for a contrasting work in paint and (some) paper collage. 

This work was ephemeral for some of us, as we built on and worked over previous efforts, while for others is was very decisive and deliberate work. We will cut, hang and talk about these in two weeks.

As we worked we talked about figure and ground. We set up our palettes and worked on our spirals with expressive marks - continuing with a feeling generated from creating our spirals, or creating patterns that contrasted with our ground in line quality, intent, or colour. There was acrylic, pastel, markers, finger scratching and torn paper available as well as different sized circle templates(lids) to trace if we wanted.

You all did a great job with a very open-ended prompt for exploration ~ thank you! 

Art Club Tuesday - Drawing to realize ideas: Week Two

We looked at some Artists you suggested.
We looked at Andy Warhol's work, found at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA and Sister Corita's work, examples found at the Corita Art Center in Hollywood, CA.  Graphical excitement.
We looked at images of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, William Morris, Annie Pootoogook,  Emilly Carr and Henry Moore, and images of the sword props and a film poster from The Hobbit (Peter Jackson-Director, Simon Bright-Supervising Art Director). A wide array of influences for our exploration.

We talked out a mental map of connections between the works by connecting their relationships to line, form, and ways of conveying detail, and then decided to draw using anything from these artworks for inspiration.We created random doodle images as a base using ink, pastel, and marker. This led us into some finished doodles, some new geometric work and some ideas for our sketchbooks.

ArtClub Tuesday - Drawing to realize ideas: Week One

We char coaled, then we erased.

We talked about Emily Carr and looked at some of her work and the ways she drew and painted skies, trees, and totems of the Pacific West Coast First Nations -  then we looked at how she painted the space in between the skies, trees and the totems.

I think we are relating the representations of ground and depth to our actions on the page.  Charcoal seems to work well for this because of the immediacy it provides us - across modes of working out a representation.