Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Late Spring Hacking and General Awesomeness

This is just super awesome in so many ways...
for all 'Makers':

and especially for Robotics Explorers: 

I heard about Sylvia from 'BudtheTeacher' at The Denver Art Museum Blog.  He too is an awesome inspiring resource and has a great argument for the importance of 'the Hack' here. He is discussing a talk by Rafi Santo given at the Digital Media and Learning Conference this past March in San Francisco.  He cites the following points from the talk:
1.  Position kids as designers and makers of technology.
2. Talk with kids about the relationship between technology and values.
3. Integrate hacker literacies into digital literacies.
4.  Embrace the subversive nature of hacking everywhere – hacking isn’t just about technology.
I always read through everything(it is my conceit):  replacing "technology" with "meaning" and "digital" with "cultural" is point #4 again.

 FYI The Robotshop has Arduino supplies.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ArtClub Week 4

We discovered that tissue paper has a nicer effect for our papier mache, than newspaper, but that it also has some tricks to doing it well..use less paste, use our brushes more carefully and as brushes not glue daubers, and that layering is as important as making sure we have glue both under and above each piece to build a strong surface.  I was really happy for you not giving up even when some of you were getting frustrated- way to push through. It is a very meditative thing that you just kind of have to submit to if you want it to work out...which it can quite readily if you pay attention.
I LOVE our circle patterns--super quick and loose.  I have some EPIC favourites but I most like how they all look together. We can talk about grouping them in different ways as we hang them next week, and make a few more too...

and I think we should ALL make our own EPIC Smileys next time!
These aren't mine -  but the link isn't quite appropriate...so tricky... shown here are examples of work shown online.