Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halton PD Days All Ages All Day ArtClub!

Halton PD Days Art Making Fun!!
is available for the following days 2013/2014:

Nov. 22nd:  Drips, Drops and Swirls: Act out
our Weather with Action Painting and
other artful action experiments!

(This will get messy!)
Jan 31:
  Discover and Create: Sculpt, paint, embellish and enrobe with fur and fabric, while exploring a Winter palette of forms and colour!
June 6: Discover and Create: Build and create kinetic sculpture...and kinetic drawing too!! Using shapes, colours and sounds too - of early Summer!

All materials included

9-4 pm with am/pm extended care available($6)

Please book ahead to confirm a spot! Email or call Sylvie at 905-639-8545.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Awesome Maché-ing Mask Making and Paper Clackers to make!

Great job with power paper-maché!! We will have great bases  to build our masks from next week.

Here is a link to the instructions for our "Chompers"... it's a Youtube made by kids for kids!
Our "Chompers" are great puppets - we used 60lb card stock. They make great sounds when they chomp, are great at picking things up...and sometimes eat things as well! We enjoyed making up games and ways for our beaks to speak and play - it was very mechanical fun! 

Thanks for a fun and messy studio--still peeling the glue off my hands ;) --we'll build up features and attach handles to our masks next Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tamara Clammer’s Swan Lake Headdresses : Our first session for Fall 2013
 It was a lot of work getting the studio ready for new, and returning friends.  Thank you for messing it right up again in the best way with painting and pencil shavings and your work on the walls!  We are a small group but perhaps more friends can join us soon!

We worked on mismatched creatures - drawing from our imagination and nature books, then took our ideas to canvas and acrylic paint - which we'll finish next week. I see some really interesting starts to(inspiration for) our masks/creature characters in our paintings! We also talked about 'performances': and we decided we want to tell stories...and that our stories will be creative inventions even if they refer to stories we already know,that they can no sense, but that our stories will help us to create character masks that will  help tell them...and that we will figure out how to collaborate (work together) on that.

It was a fun first studio for this Fall - Thanks for your enthusiasm!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ArtClub Fall 2013 starts Oct. 2nd

We are Colourful Creatures Oct. 2nd to Nov. 6th (2013 Flyer).
We'll try another animation studio at a later date -
Check back soon!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ArtClub Afterschool starts October 2nd

ArtClub jr. overview and pictures:
Hope you can join us! 
ArtClub jr. Afterschool starts
Wednesday, October 2nd 2013
ArtClub SPECIAL Projects
Tuesdays & Sundays(if you like) starts
October 2013...tba
Discovering through Action Painting &
Printmaking explorations
Creature Sculpture with wire, plaster and paint
 Creative Stop Motion using mixed & multi-media!

Summer 2013 -Thank you for joining us this summer!

Thanks to everyone who made our summer studios so fun ~

We experimented with Marshmallows and Sticks, raced simple machines and struggled with Rube Goldberg inventions. We made sculptures that balanced, towers of rocks and hot glue that couldn't. We made plaster planets, see through drawings of creatures, painted balloons and the galaxy they belonged in. We tried painting and dripping with wax and glue resists on canvas and cotton, making something familiar and abstract at the same time, by adding dye and paint. We did ice painting and ice orb sculptures too. We played Pictionary Tag(too fun!)and Alien Attack, Night Watchman and Wink, and enjoyed our time together discussing our ideas, sharing our opinions, and inventing games to play in the Lego Zone.
ArtClub Afterschool
will start again Tuesdays and Wednesdays in October. details/link posted shortly!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Drawing Clubs: Reflection Portraits, Bob and Round Things - Thankyous 2012=2013

Drawing Clubs: Reflection Portraits, Gesture Drawing and Round things ...were a fun way to finish the school year! Here are some excerpts: 
We drew ourselves in the mirror...well actually ON
mirror, then we drew ourselves FROM the mirror in a few ways.

This is Bob. Tuesday's Artists made Bob.
So they could draw Bob.
We all drew Bob. 


...and we drew round things like Marbles and balloons in many different ways:

We drew marbles on Mylar and stuffed animals in motion
and tried to fill a jar of marbles too...

Our very last Wed. drawing studio, so calm you wouldn't
guess we were also getting ready to show our work!
 Round treats at our show.
Thank you to Arryn and Heather for donating smocks for our painters. Thank you to Heather for her continuing time, great thinking and repurposeful materials...and her yummy muffins! Thank you to Brian and Tawny for our Beaver sticks and tubes!! Thank you to Stacy and the kids for joining us on the Feb. PA Day. Thank you to Kristen of Edible Arrangements for donating containers, boxes, printer and computer time, and other excellent materials. Thank you to LaDawn for all the treats!Thanks to Krystii and Maylynn for sharing their expertise, insights, ideas, talents and enthusiasm. Thank you to all our ArtClub Artists for their energy, efforts and input into making each studio interesting and fun for all - and thank you to all our artist's parents for for sharing your talented children with us and coming to all our shows!! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2012-2013 PADay Camps were a lot of fun

Halton PD Days All-Day Art Making Funis available for the following days:
October 5th

(Not so Still Life)
~Thanks Everyone!

November 23rd
(Changing Colours)
~Thanks for a fun and festive day!
February 1st

(New Symbols & Odd Shapes)

coming up:
April 26th ~ Sights and Sounds of Spring


9-4 pm with am/pm extended care available($6)

Email or call Sylvie at 905-639-8545 to register.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Drawing and Folds, Spirals and Numbers

Casual Tuesday studio working out some ideas about spirals, folds, lines, and numbers.

Link to Vi Hart's "Doodling in Math Class" channel. We love Cat Slug...
Vi Hart @YouTube
Next week we can work on Origami "drawings" and look at forms and patterns we see in the nature around us. With and/or without precision (in our own ways!)