Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Art Club Jr. Week 4 Still Life

Great work today!

We worked in our sketchbooks and on a different kind of group painting on paper, on the floor! And you showed great teamwork inventing and mixing 'tangerine'.

We looked at the artist Cezanne, and his work with still-life painting, and learned about mixing paint and colour, and treating our painting tools with care so they can keep on doing their job.
Thanks to all of you for leading the studio today with your many different approaches to thinking about painting as drawing, and still life.
A lot of what we did reminds me of Cezanne's work: He is very well known for his special way of looking at and capturing a moment - and then showing how colour is an integral part of how we each see and understand a form of something in that moment.
I think you all did a great job today investigating Cezanne, colour, painting and capturing your ideas of still-life.