Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Late Spring Hacking and General Awesomeness

This is just super awesome in so many ways...
for all 'Makers':

and especially for Robotics Explorers: 

I heard about Sylvia from 'BudtheTeacher' at The Denver Art Museum Blog.  He too is an awesome inspiring resource and has a great argument for the importance of 'the Hack' here. He is discussing a talk by Rafi Santo given at the Digital Media and Learning Conference this past March in San Francisco.  He cites the following points from the talk:
1.  Position kids as designers and makers of technology.
2. Talk with kids about the relationship between technology and values.
3. Integrate hacker literacies into digital literacies.
4.  Embrace the subversive nature of hacking everywhere – hacking isn’t just about technology.
I always read through everything(it is my conceit):  replacing "technology" with "meaning" and "digital" with "cultural" is point #4 again.

 FYI The Robotshop has Arduino supplies.