Saturday, November 10, 2012

ArtClub Jr. Abstract Halloween Fun

Very abstract and invested efforts! We formed smaller groups to collaborate on painting. We discussed abstraction and 'Halloween' ideas.

Very conceptual and spontaneous use of found materials and photography... prompted by all the caramel wrappers we used for our caramel apples. I will make sure to have the camera out as a shared studio tool. 

We planned for a busy Halloween Studio that included facepainting. Everyone worked well independently and inventively!! 
I was recently talking with some teachers about a watercolour masking project they enjoyed doing with an artist in their classroom, which made me think that framing through masking while thinking about a 'where' might connect nicely to 'how' we are thinking about  found objects that are animals and plastic. 

We each took on the challenge differently: making connections through shadow tracings, drawing from life, through colour, and enjoying the surprise when we removed our masks, or left our mask on and re-painted our "frames" while working artfully back into your work. We thought about where, in abstract and real ways, we might find our animal creations as a prompt. Busy afternoon!

All this while painting our faces for the Trick-or-Treating we like to do each year:) - (Face pics will be posted on my website: once I set up a password protected page)~thx.
Happy Haunting!