Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tamara Clammer’s Swan Lake Headdresses : Our first session for Fall 2013

 It was a lot of work getting the studio ready for new, and returning friends.  Thank you for messing it right up again in the best way with painting and pencil shavings and your work on the walls!  We are a small group but perhaps more friends can join us soon!

We worked on mismatched creatures - drawing from our imagination and nature books, then took our ideas to canvas and acrylic paint - which we'll finish next week. I see some really interesting starts to(inspiration for) our masks/creature characters in our paintings! We also talked about 'performances': and we decided we want to tell stories...and that our stories will be creative inventions even if they refer to stories we already know,that they can no sense, but that our stories will help us to create character masks that will  help tell them...and that we will figure out how to collaborate (work together) on that.

It was a fun first studio for this Fall - Thanks for your enthusiasm!