Sunday, February 17, 2013

ArtClub Tuesday - Drawing to realize ideas: Week Three

We started with a spiral drawing exercise inspired by an exercise from AccessArt UK  and our recurring interest in representing portals. This is an awesome and inspiring resource for teaching artmaking techniques and artful thinking through drawing and making ~ a VERY USEFUL RESOURCE.
We used our spirals as a quick drawing 'icebreaker', working from the centre of the page out to the edge of a shared sheet and back twice more, in black or white pastels. Then, as much or as little as we wanted for 2 minutes, we 'spiraled' with different colours. Our spirals became the ground for a contrasting work in paint and (some) paper collage. 

This work was ephemeral for some of us, as we built on and worked over previous efforts, while for others is was very decisive and deliberate work. We will cut, hang and talk about these in two weeks.

As we worked we talked about figure and ground. We set up our palettes and worked on our spirals with expressive marks - continuing with a feeling generated from creating our spirals, or creating patterns that contrasted with our ground in line quality, intent, or colour. There was acrylic, pastel, markers, finger scratching and torn paper available as well as different sized circle templates(lids) to trace if we wanted.

You all did a great job with a very open-ended prompt for exploration ~ thank you!