Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shading a Sphere (Tuesday Discussion and Wednesday Fun)

We will continue drawing, and colouring our marbles, bubbles, balloons and balls next studio by trying to create 3-d shaded versions! (Tues. and Wed.) 

Below is an excerpt of a lesson, from,  that shows us a quick way to approach and better understand shading a sphere: please note that in step 3  the darkest shadow is slightly in from the shaded edge. This is due to reflected light and helps to define a sphere's 'edge'. 

Spheres in Space 
Learning how to turn a circle into a sphere can be lots of fun if you use an outer space theme.
1. Die cut presses and heavy mat board were invaluable for making quick circle templates. I created 2" and 3" templates with circles cut out of the middle so .....
(click here to read the whole short lesson)  from the blog:Art

If a sphere is suspended, do you think it would still have a reflective area in it's shadowy zone? If a sphere is actually a 'Gas Giant' and not a solid at all, would it reflect light in the same way?...Next studio we'll look for different zones of shadow and reflection in our different spheres and try to render a sphere using line, shade, colour choices, intuition, creativity, and our erasers.