Thursday, March 20, 2014

Potion to make a monster...eventual faces in 5 Steps?

We started this session by drawing and painting large eyes (will post pics soon) and making monster faces in 4 steps. I think this helped us to let go, or notice, our own ideas of a 'right' way to get at a representation of a face.
We worked a bit on our painting skills on our Monster faces.
Here is our potion(formula) to make a monster appear:
top of head and forehead
eyebrows and eyes-no nose
nose from under eyes to tip of mouth
mouth and chin below

And then this appeared!?
I would really like to see a large format collage face from all of our pieces and drawings of parts of wholes as a final work from each of us. And I think we are due for a large "puppet" head for our group project.

(pics of actual human features to be posted soon...can't find my camera charger!!)