Thursday, February 26, 2015

ArtClub for Feb.4th: Starting with choices and goals

It was a fun first studio, with new friends in 2 distinct age groups.  I am looking forward to our conversations around our work!

We started our Painting and Photography Session with free painting with some drawing - talking about what we want to "express" or "represent" using pastel and acrylic....and a bit of liquid water colour.  Moving from black and white paint, we added colours and created hues(colour mixed with white) or shades (colour mixed with black).  We looked a the tripod and learned how to attach the camera.

(I will post week 1 work here shortly.)

We started a group drawing that I will keep up for next week's studio. We will take silly face photos next studio, and have a chance to draw in our sketchbooks and paint again.

We will make character paintings for our final project.  This is very open ended and I am excited to see what we all come up with.