Thursday, April 9, 2015

Background, Middleground, Foreground April 8th and 15th

We are well into our paintings for this 2 week workshop.  Lots of sharing and generating interesting artistic challenges for ourselves.
We are creating space in our paintings - thinking about how we create depth with warm and cool colours, and ways of talking about backgrounding and foregrounding as an idea in painting.  We looked briefly at this site for a quick description of what we are exploring in our paintings:
And we discovered pure colours vs. shades as an element of contrast, creating unity through our palette of colours, perspective lines and collage elements used to create depth, and reworking our composition to convey the effect we wanted. 

We let go of middle ground for now, but will try to find it again in each of your works when we hang your paintings next week.  You all did a great job creating your own study in foregrounding with enthusiasm and skill. Looking forward to seeing your finished pieces.

A fun art link: