Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Thanks to Gary Allan @ White Oaks!

It was great meeting all of the students at Gary Allen White Oaks Score, and to have the opportunity to start them off on their portrait projects. I wish we had more time together to see all he students ideas develop.  Let your work develop in a slow and cumulative process  - no rush. Look at your portrait as a study in time-based work and see how it evolves. With that in mind,  if you find you have the opportunity to revisit your work and consider it as ongoing - sort of like a journal of interest and investment in describing - and redefining - yourself (as much as we are all works in progress),  do so - accruing elements and layers, and finishing your school year with a dense and complicated record of your time there and your interests.
Best of luck!
Thank you Tanya and Sara for having me in!