Friday, December 2, 2011

Art Club Jr. Week 4 - Surfaces

Thank you again for all your efforts this studio.

We worked on a new painting that let you each work
both independently and collectively. It's interesting how you each made marks on your masks in different styles and mediums...with very different and personal results. This is an interesting group work that is made of multiples of the same idea: a face.

We had a drawing fort this week, and took turns working in that space. This resulted in a lot of interesting, and silly, conversations as we worked.

We coloured, decorated and created more animals from our print-outs using paint and markers. Next week we will do more explorations with them,
painting some more, tracing them, making silhouettes, and embellishing. We will also work on our cutting and gluing.
You all did a great job learning new skills: using sandpaper, and painting on challenging shapes - in this case our sticks! Sometimes we want to smooth things before we paint makes a new surface for the paint to stick. We don't have to, but the sticks we had got so nice and smooth, it was a fun exercise. We'll continue to work on our sticks next time too.

Have a great week! And remember our last studio is on Friday, Dec.16th, not Thursday...we changed the date so we are not so rushed.
This will be our art exhibition and our parents and friends can have time to look at all our work.