Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Art Club Week 5

Lots of great sharing of our ideas, and working, during studio. Awesome!

You've all presented fun, interesting, and different, approaches to telling stories through words and pictures and it's exciting to see your choices. I really enjoy the elements of humour and science fiction that keep coming up in our stories and our
notions. You are all successful at finding artistic challenges in what you are doing, which is really helping you to move forward with your work.

Let's see how much of our books we can finish next class. We are still thinking about eventually sharing
editions of a finished work with each other.

We discussed portals again...they seem to be our theme for this session...ways to transport between two places, or times, or... ways of saying something? How might a book, or a comic-book, be like a portal?

Next week is our last session until after the Holidays. Please bring your
books to finish. Also bring something more to share about your own portal ideas - you've all got great designs.

Here's a challenge: Explain your portal picture by answering the following three questions: 'How does it work?', ' Where does it take us from, and where can it take us to?' and finally 'What do we see during transport?'...and you can refer to Dr. Who, Star Wars and even Santa Claus, if you like, but use
your imagination to try to see your own vision of the answers to these.