Monday, April 30, 2012

ArtClub jr. Week 3

Great job! 

The group painting this week is very dynamic--the smaller canvas, and the light background seemed to help you to enjoy the brightness of our paints, blending colours with curiosity and enjoying some surprising results! You were very mindful of eachother's marks, with little prompting, which was just great to see...and it was exciting to see how you worked into what you found when it was your turn to paint. I think we do this each week but this painting seems so dynamic and unified too:  your efforts created a visual 'conversation' amongst all the parts of the painting... as if you were talking to each other, about something very colouruful, through the paint.

I love how you all figured out a unique approach to the clay challenge even when very inspired by eachother.
 Great details and added materials. That is mixed media: tree branches and clay and feathers and soon paint. These will be fun to paint this coming week. 

Heather and I really learned a lot from your presentations. You all found a "something that lives in something, and the something that it lives in", were very respectful of each others turn to speak, and shared your work with enthusiasm. That was fun. You may want to use your sketches next week.

We will look at the things in Spring that we find above the ground next studio!
Thank you.