Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Spring ArtClub Jr.

What an exciting and energetic first meeting. I can't believe how great our trees look! We had a little bit of time to talk about and look at our trees while we were working on them and then, as we hung them up - it is very inspiring to hear and see all of your ideas. Here is the start of our Spring Forest:
You all took up the challenge today by working well on drawing and painting, and cutting too. 

 We explored textures, patterns, colours and feelings and also added ninjas, racoons and cranes, bugs and tree forts, leaves and flowers. We'll take up these ideas next week. Your 'trees' are very unique. We'll leave them up to inspire us to create more work as if in a Spring Forest!

(M. still has her tree to do and add it to our forest...with her many drawings and sketches : ) [Finished and included above!]

Remember if you do take your sketchbook home, to work in it a little and don't forget to bring it next week - you will need it again!

Our group painting today looks very dense and really foresty to me: for some reason you all favoured blues and greens and that nicely mixed "perfect potato brown"...[we added to this! See week 2!]

Thanks for a very exciting and productive first day!