Monday, July 16, 2012

Tuesday Drawing: Hyper-realism versus Happy Accidents

We learned more about how to work with our cameras in practical ways, setting up and shooting a still-life with a tripod, downloading our images, sorting through the ones we like, re-framing(cropping)if we wanted to, and then printing.
We looked at images of Mary Pratt's work, and examples of hyper real painting, and talked about how and where photography would be useful and necessary to create these images. Light changes over time so reflections and then colour changes too. And in the case of our lazy-Susan still life, point of view changes too.

We also talked about how we were not going for hyper real images in our drawing and painting today. We created interesting compositions while considering our photograph. This meant that we worked our drawing,from the photo as our reference, while looking at our still life materials for a lot of the information for both our drawing and our painting.

While drawing, we decided to work with watercolour paint and paper, and we explored some techniques using our paper as the lightest colour. We found challenges in our work, discovered what a 'happy accident' might really mean, and made some great decisions using our paints.