Monday, January 23, 2012

Our First Winter Wednesday Art Club Jr.

We're a talented new group with a lot of energy and ideas.

Our first group painting was well negotiated, and worth those efforts. Thank you all for working so well together. It is interesting to me how the lines and the colours play together, and how it seems very balanced with no area asking for more attention that another area - except maybe the blue line at the top...and then that
unpainted space attached to it above. It might seem to frame the work, kind of like that space at the top wants to be the boss and only watch the fun...but then those cloud shapes just hang on there, talking to the line, to keep it all part of the group.

I was impressed with how well you copied my patterns into your sketchbooks. I gave you some complicated challenges.. but you did a really great job with them! You're already very good at drawing what you see.

We talked about the artist
Matisse, and about collage and negative space, as we tried our own mixed-media explorations... with exciting and unique results.

We'll use some of these ideas again next week, and invent some of our own techniques, to make masks and puppets.

pictures to follow soon!