Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Art Club Week 2

Thank you for an inspired session.

We talked about Lunar New Year this week and looked at some drawings of dragons as well as images of dragon kites flying through the sky.

This is the year of the water dragon for Chinese New Year.

We looked at work by artist Yue Minjun and we talked a little bit about the differences between
cultural and religious celebrations.

You did a great job with your
blind contour drawings.

Your paintings give us a range of collaborative efforts to look into. And they seem to reflect our discussion earlier: they are quite abstract and there is a
real feel of festival; dimension and space; and flying and dancing colours. There are really interesting positive and negative spaces created between the paper and paint as well. We can talk and think more about these ideas, and how the images inspired us, next time.
This Tuesday, we will work more on exaggeration and gesture as we start our canvasses - I'll have your funny faces for you too! We will also work on some of our writing next studio.
Have a great week!