Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Art Club Jr. Week 2

Thank you for your drawing and crafting today. You did a lot of work in a short time and found a fun way to share your work with each other in your puppet play-&-dance party.

You all created very lively, and varied works around our Lunar New Year theme. We had some free drawing time, then started right into constructing our fans, dragon/creature puppets and masks. You each made different choices in your approach to our project, and made great selections of materials, techniques and templates to work from.

Most of you also had time to help create the group painting. Since some of you didn't get a chance, for whatever reason, we will leave it up to work on next time, with different materials for you to use. It will be exciting to see what you come up with.

We will, of course, also do a new group paint since we love to paint.

Next Wednesday, we will first start with the rest of our puppet play & dance, and see what else that will inspire us to draw and make.

Thank you for your awesome efforts!