Thursday, November 24, 2011

Art Club Jr. Week 3

That was fun!Thank you to Mme. for the Barbara Reid book! It helped us explore our plasticine in such interesting ways. It is called synchronicity when things seem to line up in coincidences.
We had a new friend join us this week and together made a glittery group painting with lots of paint drips and bold brush strokes. We found numbers on our board that we incorporated into our work, and drew butterflies, balloons, and many different kinds of lines.
We spent extra time on our plasticine relief pictures,
which led us to start to build homes for our creature creations.
We had some very lively conversations about our work, learning about vampire and zombie conflicts, birds that fly when moons touch the ground, and the many favourite parts of our pictures. Some of us found extra time to work in our sketchbooks, and some of us even ran out of time to draw!
Next week we can look at our favourite animals again, and our new creatures too, and try to imagine ways they move.

Great work everyone!