Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Art Club

What a fun first class for Art Club!! We are such a creative group of writers and artists - I'm looking forward to seeing how our stories turn out! Thank you.

And thanks to Heather for taking up the mini Art Club adventures!!

If you need to contact me during the week, you can call me (your Mom or Dad have the number), you can email to: artclub@freshorange.ca or just look for me, or Heather, in the schoolyard.

Keep thinking about what places your characters might find themselves in, a challenge that they will face, and how we can frame these through our words and by how we draw them.

And I am going to look up your family names - if you have time you can ask your parents for a brief history.

We will continue building our story and story characters through writing, drawing and sharing next week.

Thanks so much!