Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Art Club Week 3

This week saw us moving into different directions with our projects.

We talked about the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and Jackson Pollock, and read a short comic by Jessica Abel about Graphic Novels. We did some action painting and graphic investigations. We used ink and paper, and quills too - you have great ideas!
We are working towards creating narrative through words and objects that construct this. Sometimes our stories are not going to emerge until we make our objects or images, perform our artmaking, and that is another way to find your story: by doing it! We are all working on a kind of conversation between our own story--in words, actions or feelings, and our different methods and media for making art.
We also shared more of our stories: either by reading aloud, or by relating our feelings to what we were doing(this is also a narrative, a personal narrative, that can reveal or even decide where we want to go in our work during our studio time).
Thank you all for your very interesting explorations this week.

Keep trying to imagine how you will actually
construct(frame) your story as a material object: think about book formats like mini-comics, or accordion books, as structures for a graphic 'novel'; think about a multi-sided object as it relates to multiple viewpoints in a story, and think about painting as a performance of storytelling and how you could share that kind of story with others. These are all things we talked about this week. What can these forms of art say - what is the story they are telling?...
We can share our thinking at our next meet-up :)