Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Art Club Week 4

That was a whirlwind of work. Here's a quick review that includes some things to think about, or even work on - if you have some time.

We looked at formats and made some decisions about our work. We did more action paintings and will incorporate those into our projects. Keep in mind that we are presenting our work to each other in our last studio(December 12th). Our goal is to finish an object/bookwork that, while an excerpt of all our work, is also a standalone.

You can continue to do your mock-up for your project ... remember to include loose drawings of the pictures you want in your project. And include a layout of how you want each page to look. The mock-up isn't fussy, with refined drawings, but it details what you
need to do(like scanning, or more drawing, or text and more writing) to make your project.

You can continue to draw your layout so that you are prepared next class to play with, assemble, assess and construct your project. This will be messy, crafty and fun. And please take note of any images or text you want me to
scan, scale, or print for your final project/format.

Some of you requested this link: STARWARS.COM, but I think this one is really fun!

Last week we worked on the different scale of an object, and tried to represent that. Scale can create a tension in our images when we are surprised by how they look different from what we expect, what they would look like normally...we wonder why. This is part of storytelling.

This week w
e talked about tension between our words and our images. Aside from doing dialogue bubbles, you can work your words into your images in ways that surprise and even redirect the story, they can contrast with your images! Surprises between your images and your words provides a kind of narrative tension that helps to build meaning in a graphic story.

I will have supplies prepped for next time that will help you construct and assemble, assess and finalize.

Ok! One more thing: make time for drawing, and writing, everyday. Even if you only have 2 minutes! Get your ideas down on paper!