Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ArtClub S2 Wk 1 - Decisions & Directions

We've  started our next session with an awesome donation of beaver sticks(Thank you Brian and L.!!) which we are excited to imagine and create with.

We started today with quick drawing exercises. We are doing these every week to get us in a zone: this week was a play on "blind contour" drawing:

We had our hands feel objects in paper bags so that our hands, not our eyes, could tell us what to draw. This was challenging because right away we wanted to peak - something about wanting to "get it right". Once we were all clear this was not about our visual accuracy in depicting an actual object but more about feeling our way through, we made more confident marks, and could even listen better to what our hands were telling us.

We used charcoal, conte crayon, and brown craft paper - which helps us take up  a variety of techniques working out from light/white and dark/black marks. Our mylar, and even trace is nice for this as well.

After we each did 2-3 objects we looked into our bags to evaluate what we'd done - most of you felt strongly that it was important to get a resemblance, but were okay discovering and inferring the resemblance from what you'd drawn. There was still a sense that to 'get it right' meant 'guess the actual object' too. I think it was a challenging way to think about drawing - sort of taking things apart - and you met the challenge well!

We decided to work on comic books this session. We talked about ideas and decided to include soft sculpture elements and some individual and collaborative painting/drawing/collage works to exhibit with our comics.  As we worked we re-visited examples of soft sculpture works and researched "Plushies" which have a craft AND comic book element to them.

Some of you started to sew right away while storyboarding, and others went into "The Lab" to start by writing and storyboarding.  Great start and helpful too to plan for he materials we'll need for next time.

Pics to follow!!