Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Artclub S2 wk3 - Beaver Stick Contour Rendering

We started by looking at our Beavers Sticks one more time before we work directly on them.

Our exercise was to follow the contours of the sticks with our 'china marker', starting at one edge of the page and ending at the other without lifting our markers. After we did one, we could do another from another position or different focus. I had brand new crayons(yup, crayola--too fun to resist), and brand new oil pastels to share so that we could explore different ways we might like to add colour, paint, mark, decorate or inscribe our sticks once we work on them...we did this as we explored different ways to mark and inscribe our drawings.

We talked about the idea of planning and building up ideas before starting in on the actual materials we might want to use as artists, because materials can be scarce, special and can be expensive, and so sketching, exercises and art explorations, while also works of art in themselves, help us realize our ideas more richly and in leading ways through our more ...let's say refined, work.

Then we sewed, setting out to create elements of our comic/graphic stories that we're working on. And we learned a lot about planning ahead through this as we cut our fabric and researched online and tried to imagine how to construct our plushies. We are simply creating forms with features, using felt and stitching.

Fun and lovely drawings.
(pics to follow!!)