Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Holiday!

A quick note to say we will be having an all day ArtClub
***on Wednesday. Dec. 19th.***
We did a great job with our Beaver sticks. We explored, and layered, first with
water colour, then Translucent tissue collage,  and finally Opaque acrylic
paint and jewels, as we painted and embellished our Beaver Sticks. Great work everyone!

I'll post our pictures shortly to share our work.  

Thank you to our very talented Artists for all their creative efforts and constructive sharing--I had a lot of fun working with each of you and was very inspired by your ideas, collaborations, explorations and the exciting work and presentations that came from that.
Happy Holiday and The Very Best Wishes for the New Year!
Tuesday's ArtClub We will start again on Tuesday, January 15th
For this next session we will each choose an artist we like, to investigate, for a 6 week effort using our own ideas, inventiveness and creative skills to paint, draw, construct, write, illustrate and/or perform!
Wednesday's ArtClub Jr. :  We will start again on Wednesday, January 9th  with rolling registration through the month of January. 
Our 6-week session will officially begin on January 23rd, 2013.  For this next session we will learn about the work of artists Henry Moore and Emily Carr as we continue to express and explore our own creativity and skills in artmaking.