Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Artclub S2 wk2 Contour and Beaver Sticks

We are continuing on our comical works!  Some of us have decided to continue collaborating while others are going to work independently.  We can ask each other what we liked most, and found most challenging, of both processes at the end of the session.

We have lots of felt, embroidery floss and stuffing to work with. We are taking turns in "The Lab" to write and brainstorm with our partners, or on our own. There is still much drawing and writing left to do as we work out our ideas for our comic panels.

Our drawing exercise this week was traditional Blind Contour, using that paper plate and pencil contraption to remind us not to look at our drawing and to instead just look at the forms we are trying to draw and trust in our drawing hand. It can be hard to let go of what you think you KNOW about what you see and to just let your hand draw. Contour drawings, as we discussed,  are the OUTLINES of a the surface of something or someone. It is as if you are tracing along the edges of the form. Contour lines, for me, define the shape, the form and meaningful details of a thing--they are not shaded but for example, trace the shapes of shadows, colours and textures, to help define what you see in a form in outline. I think that is a little less traditional and may even be more gesture drawing...but I like things in contexts!

Generally, contour drawing exercises help us to translate what we see onto  our page using only outlines. As an exercise, they help our eyes and hands work together well, and build skills in acting on what we see through drawing.

Pics to follow!!